Friday, April 22, 2011

Are Canada's Liberals Weenies or Weasels?

It might not matter since they are now third in the polls (but that might just be for today), but the Liberals in Canada tend to drive me crazy.  While it makes sense for the NDP, which has always been consistent (more or less) in its criticism of the Afghanistan mission, the Liberals not only started it, they also proposed some sort of training mission follow up.  So, to criticize Harper for doing exactly that is pretty strange.  Yes, Canada is sticking around in Afghanistan, but the new mission is not going to be the old mission--it is not going to be combat.

My Canadian pals inform me that the opposition's job is to oppose.  But mindless opposition to anything the government does, including stuff that one had started or advocated only reminds me of this*:

No wonder they are dropping in the polls.

Of course, the NDP panders so much that they will inevitable alienate the pandered, but not quite yet.  That Anglophones in Quebec might support the NDP is a sad statement of how low the Liberals have sunk, since the NDP is quite willing to sell out the English for French nationalist votes.

* I made a mistake, but an understandable one--putting in the dead parrot sketch (which presents a lousy argument) when I wanted the sketch that reveals that mindless gainsaying is not an argument or an opposition for that matter.

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