Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Worst Ally Award

We have not had a contest here in quite some time so it seems to me that we ought to have one.

How about: who is the worst ally of the United States?  Pakistan is apparently advising President Karzai of Afghanistan to dump the US and ally with Pakistan and China.  And, yes, Pakistan is supposed to be a US ally, but with all of the conflict lately over drones, Pakistan's support of terrorism in India and insurgents in Afghanistan, US agents shooting people, etc, it seems like we may facing a parting of the ways.  Especially if its leadership is trying to poach our supposed friends.  On the other hand, Karzai has been undermining the US effort for years as part of his strategy to survive politically.  Kind of makes the Iraqi leadership, which only wants American troops to leave, in large part due to public pressure, almost reliable.

So, here is the poll: VoteWorst US Ally
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Let's hope it works.

1 comment:

MSS said...

Pakistan seems like too easy a choice.

I eliminated Afghanistan from consideration on the grounds that its more a ward of the US than an ally.

(Off topic: at first I thought my verification word was "cholera." Actually "cholebra.")