Friday, April 15, 2011

Iggy Learns Some IR

I missed the second debate because I was being feted by the warm folks at Grove City College.  Plus my French is not up to understanding complex stuff like misunderstanding the UN.  Apparently, the Liberal Prime Minister candidate and author on nationalism took a strong initial stand on the deployment of Canadian Forces: only with a UN resolution.  Someone apparently pointed out what I always point out to my students--if you want your foreign policy subject to Chinese and Russian vetoes, then sure, a UN Security Resolution can be a fine requirement for your deployment decisions.  But if by some chance you don't think that Russia or China should have a veto on your foreign policy, you may want to hedge a bit about using the UNSC as a requirement.

Iggy figured that out by the end of the debate.  Too bad he had not spent much of his life hanging out with skeptical political science types.  Oh, he has?  So, he has a learning curve but it is mighty shallow?

As I said before, figuring out the least bad choice is pretty hard, and Iggy is making it harder still.

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