Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Talk about Perspective Sauce

Yesterday, I blogged about different kinds of sauces for different kinds of effects.  Well, today, we do not need any, as the events du jour have provided enough of a wake up call: the deaths of several journalists in Libya, including one of the guys behind Restrepo: Tim Hetherington.   Already, some twitters are reminding us that non-western, non-famous journalists have been dying in these kinds of conflicts for years.  Still, having a face and a name that resonates reminds us that these journalists who cover war are very, very brave.  Perhaps foolish, but they are needed so that we can get some idea of what these conflicts look like and what is actually going on. 

I honestly don't know how they keep doing it, but following the tweets of CJ Chivers of the NYT has been astonishing, moving and unforgettable.  These folks do not get enough credit.  I have been very critical of the media over the past few years of blogging here, so I should acknowledge how crucial these folks are.

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prasad said...

No need to listen what Libyan leaders are saying the forces trying to kill all the rebels and also they do not want to participate in help of Libyan people if the other forces will come to Libya then they will what is going on in Libya exactly that's why they do not want to allow other countries forces into Libya.