Thursday, April 14, 2011

Brits Play PD, More or less

The Brits had a game show that seems to be the inspiration for a similar US game show that plays out Prisoners' Dilemma.

The beautiful woman, Liv Boeree,  is now known as one of the better poker players at the various tourneys.  Yep, the heartless, bluffing, brutal skills of PD translate well to the poker table.  Who would have thunk it?

Of course, one could ponder why the guy got suckered, and if her good looks played a role or not.  I leave that to my readers.  I just enjoy watching social science that is sold to the public as entertainment/reality TV.


Steve Greene said...

Awesome-- Prisoner's Dilemma as game show! Love those Brits

Steve Saideman said...

There was an American version of this game as well. It was called Friend or Foe: See this paper ( for a study of the gameshow by an economist.