Monday, April 11, 2011

Known Knowns, Apparently

It is so classic that Rumsfeld would ask his staff for a list of things that had not happened--things that they had not screwed up--only to see nearly all of them happening:

Ok, to be fair, not all of these happened.  Just nearly all of them.

  • Turkey, Iran or Israel?  Check with a major empowering of Iran.
  • No WMD used against US or allied foces.  Nope.  Of course, they didn't have any.
  • No Israeli involvement.  
  • Iraq descends into Anarchy?  Double check.
  • Iraq becomes balkanized?  You mean, ethnic cleansing and clear dividing lines between the ethnic groups?  Check.
  • POW crisis?  Oh my goodness, yes.  
  • Saddam using WMD against rebels?  Um, real WMD fixation here for 2004 when we knew there were no WMDs.
  • No hot pursuit.
  • Widespread vigilante justice?  Well, stuff happens, right Rummy?
Just some stunning stuff in ye old archives.

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