Monday, May 9, 2011

Amusing But Increasingly UnTrue Graphic of the Day

From DoghouseDiaries (HT to RC), which I am now going to have to check in on as it is a nice addition to the kind of cartoon universe.

Old Montreal, 2009 Champion of Montreal Grandmaster Tourney
But I must say that this is no longer an accurate depiction of ultimate as I am far from the only graybeard playing these days.  Sure, I am usually the oldest on my team, but lots of folks on my teams are beyond college now.  Plus the number of masters (32 and up or so) and grandmasters (40 and up) tournaments has been steadily increasing. 

I did not necessarily expect to be playing deep into my forties, but now that I have played with folks who are deep into their fifties, I hope to do the same.  If my body holds up, or at least enough of it does.  More ultimate is, indeed, more ultimate.

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