Monday, May 16, 2011

Excuse of the Week

If I blog less, sound strange or just odd this week, it is because I got hit by a bus.  A fully laden school bus:
I thought it was a glancing blow at first.  Well, it was for the bus.  Not so much for my car.  I am ok, but dazed not so much by the impact but by the silliness of it all.  I was coming a stop sign, and was actually slowing down almost to a stop.  Well, I did stop about 6-7 meters from the stop sign as the bus driver made a left turn cutting the corner so much that he cut off my car's front corner.  Good times.  I hope the kids in the bus are ok.  They didn't seem all that bothered by it. 

Now is the plug for Allstate.  They did a great job when our car was stolen--we got enough cash back to buy this green car.  We shall see whether my seven-eight year old Mazda is totaled or not.  It did not start afterwards....

Anyhow, that is my strange story of the week and my excuse for the short term for any and all mistakes I make.


Anonymous said...

Hope you are well!

Steve Saideman said...

Thanks. I am fine. No damage to me, but the car looks to be totaled. I am just bitter--Canada has been brutal to my cars--this car was the one that replaced the Accord that was stolen. Glad I didn't get the chipped/cracked windshield replaced.