Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Canada is Bad for Cars

Regular readers and irregular ones can ignore this week's likely theme of bitterness about cars and Canada, but it is my party blog and I can cry rant if I want to.  When moving to Canada, if I thought about cars at all, it would have been about wondering how the winters might impact the cars--salt, potholes, slipping and sliding away, and all that. 

But, nay, the big threats to cars here in Montreal, aside from chunks of crumbling overpasses, are: thieves and school buses.  If your car gets stolen (warning: do not park in the parking lots for the commuter trains--a bazaar for car thieves), the replacement may get crushed by a bus.  The only good news is that snow plows only seem to kill pedestrians.  So, no worries there for my next car.  I hope.

Yes, I am miffed.  I went almost thirty years between accidents.  The first one was my fault.  This one--I was moving so slowly as I approached the stop sign that I could not dodge, dip, duck, dive or dodgeThe bus driver was so blasé, like he careened off of small cars all the time.  And car shopping in Montreal is such a pleasure.  Closed on weekends, they tend not to be that interested in selling cars, which is actually worse than the hyper-active car salesman one tries to hide from while checking out cars in the US.

The funny thing is that we were thinking of replacing our other car--since it is about as old as our 16 year old dog.  But nope, now we have to replace the young (7 years old) car.  
Ok, enough ranting for the day. 

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