Tuesday, May 24, 2011

How Can One Tell I Am Not a Baby Boomer?

I am not a big fan of Bob Dylan.  I think the post-boomers vary in how much they appreciate Bob Dylan, but he does not have a mythic status that is widely shared.  I just don't get the fascination that the boomers have with Dylan.  Some of his songs are pretty good, but mostly, I think he is over-rated.  People will say that he is a great song-writer, but it is hard for me to tell since I have a tremendous urge to change the channel as soon as I hear his voice.  Plus I am a lousy judge of song-writing, so I have to cede people the argument that he has been a great song-writer.  Still, I think the Dylan as icon or not is a big divider between most boomers and most of us who are not.  Give me the Beatles any day.

Will this post antagonize more people than my recent ones on Anglophone nationalism?  Probably.  Will it distract the latter?  Absolutement non.

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