Thursday, May 12, 2011

Friday Night Lights Progress Report

I don't know if I am ahead or behind: FNL airs two days earlier in Canada than on NBC in the US BUT it aired last fall on Direct TV.  As I mentioned before, I am a big fan of the show.  And I am so thrilled by the most recent episode.  Why?

Most importantly, it ends the romance between Julie Taylor (daughter of Coach and Mrs. Coach) and her teaching assistant, her married teaching assistant.  While being attracted to older men is in her character, just diving in with a married man seems a bit much.  Of course, I found it incredibly annoying that the one plot the otherwise fantastic writers (season 2 excepted) of this show could imagine for Julie at college was sleeping with her TA.  The only good news is that it was not with a prof, because we have seen that plot so many times as well.

I guess they needed a plot device to send  her home, but, jeez, I hate it that it seems as if every female can count on being hit on/romanced by a prof or teaching assistant.  Yes, it does happen, but it is no longer accepted and it is much less frequent than long, long ago.

Better: the football team this week.  However one thinks how the football games themselves are staged, the camaraderie this week among the players was fantastic.  More Tinker!!  Indeed, the last two seasons could have been better with more Tinker.  Glad to see Buddy Junior now fits in, more or less (not that I care that much about that subplot).  And Coach was just great throughout.

Have not been a big fan of the storylines Mrs. Coach has had thus far. 

Just a quick few thoughts on a great show.  I am enjoying its final days.  Only one last thing:  more Skeeter!!!  He looks like my dog Flynn who departed a few years ago.

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