Monday, May 9, 2011

Superteam Activate

The internet is a wonderful thing. Latest proof:
From Josh Rogin ( via Abu Muqawama retweet.  I just have three corrections to make:
  • that Admiral Mike Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (Spidey here) be portrayed as Superman or Mr. Fantastic--more of a leader rather than loner/teenager.
  • that the guy in the Superman suit (Brigadier General Marshall B. “Brad” Webb, Assistant Commanding General, Joint Special Operations Command) should be Wolverine or somebody else sneaky since he is commanding the SOF guys--Nick Fury?
  • Robert Gates, the SecDef, should be somebody else besides a Green Guy with whom we are unfamiliar.  Perhaps Iron Man due to the defense contracting ties or perhaps he should be Green Lantern.
I do like that both DC and Marvel are represented here, just as Obama has Republicans (Gates, mostl likely the military guys) along with Democrats on his team.

Is this too much analysis of a funny take on the instant-classic photo?  Absolutely. 

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