Thursday, May 19, 2011

Yoda on Nationalism

"Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering."

Why is Yoda relevant this morning?  Because we are seeing a bit of a fear to hate to suffering spiral in Quebec.  
"Serge Provost, the leader of the Patriotic Militia of Quebec, is accused of making the threats against Hugo Shebbeare, an organizer of an anti-Bill 101 protest which was held on April 17 in Montreal."  source
Bill 101 is the law that guarantees the supremacy of French in Quebec in all kinds of ways, including government, business, education and so on. Shebbeare wanted to protest this law since it is, ahem, rather unfortunate for the Anglophone minority. 

Opposition/protest clearly does not justify death threats: '"I strongly advise you to tell your daughter you love her, and that you're doing this on her behalf, because you may not make it back home alive the night of April 17," said the message, which Shebbeare provided to CBC.'

This situation is a deviation from the non-violent, only mildly rude nationalist politics here in Quebec.  Neither guy here is all that representative of his community.  Most Anglophones do not like Bill 101, but have accepted it as a reality.  They don't want it expanded to cover the smallest businesses, federal offices (except for Jack Layton and the NDP), or higher education (neither do Francophones on this last point).  Francophones do not advocate violence against the Anglophone minority, except for the Patriotic Militia.

Still, the government is prosecuting Provost for issuing a death threat.  The importance here is that this thus far has been all talk.  But, as the wise Jedi Master suggests, fear and anger lead to hate and suffering.  I know that I post a lot of critical stuff about Quebec nationalism here, and will continue to do so.  But I will try to remember this ruckus and try to avoid the dark side of anger and hate.


Tony Kondaks said...

Shebbeare did NOT create that image.

The CBC has been asked to retract the story (which has now spread to the web) and, once retracted, I expect Mr. Saideman to do the same.

Tony Kondaks said...

"Most anglophones do not like Bill 101, but have accepted it as a reality".

What other choice do they have?

The reality is that anglophones almost unanimously despise Bill 101. It is impolite to say but it is, if one is to say what is spoken in whispers, both a hate law and a race law.

Although the following was written almost 20 years ago, I contend it still holds true today (both the lies by the Montreal Gazette claiming that anglos accept Bill 101 and the fact that the community hates the law):

Steve Saideman said...

I noted that the picture's origin is disputed.

Tony, if you read other posts of mine, you will realize that I am hardly an apologist for Quebec nationalism.

Unknown said...

Clarification is seriously needed. It is very disconcerting to see the hanging graphic associated with Hugo’s name; where he had no responsibility for this controversial image. Hugo's courage and determination to confront the mistruths, the injustice and the discrimination in Quebec is highly admirable. We should all aspire to take his example of speaking up to bring social justice for all Quebecers. The pendulum of Bill 101 oppressive measures have gone too far for too long. The pendulum needs to swing in the direction towards equality and justice.CBC should retract the misleading sensational presentation of the story. They should follow their own submission guidelines of responsible journalism.

For more information about the facts, you can explore then make your own conclusions.

WICCAB-101 home page

W.I.C.C.A.B.101 is a citizen founded and operated committee of concerned individuals from Montreal's West Island and supported by numerous like minded groups & committees from across the Island of Montreal, across Canada, and internationally.

Tony Kondaks said...


Yes, I have read many of your columns on Bill 101 and realize you are not an apologist for Quebec nationalism. Indeed, my comments on those posts of yours going back a year or so reflect that I am aware of your stance.

But tell me, Steve: would you rather live in an independent Quebec that respected human rights or a Quebec within Canada that didn't?

Hugo Shebbeare said...

I wish to clarify that I am not Colonel James Angus Brown, and I do not write for the Park Avenue Gazette. And if you read Mrs Wood's work properly, then you would really understand that I do not push hate ever. The ideas that Pauline’s Parti Québécois`pushes (selling Anglophobia), I am completely against, but they remain her IDEAS (or that of the party she represents) and not her PERSON, as incited by Jim Brown.
Please read the following to understand my point of view, and why I have publically stood up with the great help of hundreds of people in the GREATER MONTREAL multi-ethnic Territory: Committee to Abolish Bill 101 and the West Island Committee to Abolish Bill 101:
Maybe, as a fellow Grad of International Affairs and History (Vesalius College, Vrije Universiteit Brussel), you will come to understand what I am doing, and how it is something done as personal service to our Sovereign (see KCVO Shebbeare) as part of a dynastic order. As both a Canadian and British Citizen, I may never be officially recognised, as my Uncle has, for this honour, since it is not done within the close reaches of the Royal Family, but my work shall continue nonetheless because I am against any form of legalised tyranny and will fight to the death, and put my life at risk repetitively, to see that it comes to an end, no matter how many decades it may take. If you look up Perceval and the Coriscan Adventurer he established the base to dethrone, then you may understand my perseverance. Here is another example of where I do not use fear to make decisions, even in front of a $200BN+ organisation:

Hugo Shebbeare said...

I respectfully request that you please correct your article, or legal action shall be unfortunate but necessary, since our family name is very distinct. It is being defamed across the websphere by this misunderstanding, and if you listen to what I actually say and not get distracted by some extreme advertising that one individual decided to use to attract attention to the rally, then you would most certainly not be publishing. Ce genre de nivellement vers le bas, n’est pas nécessaire cher Monsieur.

Even though a change request was made to the CBC, they have not yet changed the article since my point of view is clearly documented as not being Jim Browns’, however there is that image next to my name, therefore the inevitable short attention span or attention to detail, evades a great many persons after reading this news post.

Some of us Poli-Sci grads or Activists step away from the keyboard to attempt to create real changes in society with street protests, and in this case the result was a Death Threat (because passions boil over reason) and an assault from an Réseau de resistance québécois member (charges pending) – thus, when I state that democracy does not exist when you approach franco-fascists, it is from physical experience. I do not give in to hate, nor shall tired waiting for change to come. To see the type of Anglophobic RRQ message we are trying to end (much like the original ‘Bill 101 or take the 401’ message with the goal of forced departure of our community from the province, i.e. 2nd UN definition of ethnic cleansing), see this `gros Cave’ in the street with his verbal harassment of everyone who spoke EN within his path. (same Chump that assaulted me)

YOU may have accepted the tyranny of the majority and project this in your writing, but most Anglo-Allophones would not support it if given the right to a minority veto, since they know it is a law that has no place in a modern society (and has significantly contributed to the déclin tranquille du Québec). We have seen the Bloc Québécois practically disappear in the past month, do not innocently think this happened because many were not lobbying for years across social media and their own blogs to end a party that is against multi-culturalism (completely ignores minorities within its own province, even if present for hundreds of years already, or millennia with respect to the First Nations), against anything but their own ethnicity (much like the ‘If it ain’t Scottish it’s CRAP’ message) due to an understandable but detestable amour propre, and most importantly for the [twice failed] attempt at separation of a province from a unified Canada:

Steve Saideman said...

Mr. Shebbeare, I changed the post to remove the accusation that you posted the picture and such.

The point of my post was to say that you did not deserve the death threat. My quoting of the article apparently confused the issue.

I still do not think that pushing to reverse Bill 101 is a great idea, but you are free to disagree and to protest.

Best wishes,

Hugo Shebbeare said...

Thank you very much! A much appreciated helpful correction.