Monday, May 16, 2011

Ironic Separatists

I love that the Parti Quebecois is thrilled that the Scottish Nationalist Party won a majority of seats in the Scottish parliament with a promise of a referendum on independence sometime down the road.  The PQ is seeing the Scots as a model, which is the delightful irony.  Why?  Because the PQ has won majorities in provincial elections before and then sometimes launching referenda on independence and then losing.  Yes, it is historic that the SNP won, but it was apparently in part a protest vote against Tories and the austerity measures.  Real enthusiasm for Scottish independence is below.... wait for it ....  50%! 

So, the PQ is happy to have company.  Terrific, there can be more than one regional nationalist party that promises independence but fails to reach it!  The more, the merrier, right?

I guess the PQ is desperate for good news in the aftermath of the decimation* of the Bloc in the federal elections.  Not only that, but despite how miserable the provincial Liberals have performed, they have narrowed the gap with the PQ a bit AND Charest is still seen as a more attractive candidate than the PQ's Marois. 
* and no, that is not the correct use of the word as it would imply the Bloc losing 10% of its seats rather than, ahem, 90%. 
So, woo-hoo, Scots!  But don't count on a successful referendum there, PQ.  The SNP may just be re-enacting Quebec's past but with a delightful Scottish accent.

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