Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Can I Love Matt Damon, Too?

I don't like the hairless version, but I do like the idea (even if it is a bit idealistic) that we are not just in it for money:

Of course, we should not be looking to our actors for political advice (that is why we poli sci bloggers are here), but when asked, Matt brings the heat--that it is not just about incentives.  And if we want to talk about incentives, how about we consider the incentives of school administrators?  That might explain why $$/administration tend to rise faster than $$ per student or per teacher/professor.

Anyhow, Sarah Silverman, you may have to stand in line.

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Erin Jenne said...

Matt Damon is a smart dude. When Palin was running for VP, he pointed out that running for national office isn't supposed to look like a Disney movie.