Sunday, August 14, 2011

Geek Bucket List

Interesting post on what geeks would like to do before they die.  Which ones would I want to do?  Some random thoughts below:
1. Get Superpowers.   Naturally.  Addressed this before.
4. Become  Jedi.  Course of want I.
10.  Ban all re-boots, re-numbering and multiverses within comic books.  Oh, my, yes!
15.  Sit in on a film, comic book and pop culture discussion with Kevin Smith, Stan Lee, Roddenberry, etc.
22.  Kill a Zombie w/ a vinyl record, the Batman soundtrack or Dire Straits....  Oh, I have a few albums I could toss.
26. Go to a bar with Mal and Zoe on Unification Day (although I don't remember what Unification Day is about).  Must get Firefly series on DVD.

32. Be able to download new skills a la the Matrix.  Ah, but which skills.
37. Pass the Kobayashi Maru with flying colors.  Don't need to pass, just take.
40. Solve a crime with a group of meddling kids and their dumb dog.
47. Trick William Shatner into one last, great Kaaaaahnnnnn!!  Just tell him it is an audition for a new series.
49. Walk through saloon doors ominously. Absolutely, rootin' and tootin'
53. Take part in a "Fastball Special" with Wolverine.  Actually, I would want the wolvie part--to be thrown.
62. Play a game of thermonuclear war with WOPR.
63.  Revoke George Lucas's writing privileges.  And, more importantly, directing!
69. Defeat the Black Knight from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.  Actually, I would prefer to heave the Holy Hand Grenade at the anarchist.
75.  Drink Butterbeer.  Someday soon.
76. Wield a Lightsaber.  A flashlight just is not the same.
79.  Roadtrip with Jay and Silent Bob.
80.  Re-kill a zombie.
81. Train a pet dragon.
92. Ride along with the Vegan Police.  As long as I can continue not to be a Vegan.

Got it down to just over twenty.  Not bad.  And you?

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