Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Plus Ca Change

The more things change, the more they stay the same.  You betcha.  Francois Legault has been getting a lot of play here in Quebec as a possible leader of a potential new provincial party.  Polls suggest it would win the next election.  So, why I am less than thrilled about this potential threat to the lame Liberals and the PQ?  Because Legault and his folks issued their first statements: focusing on immigration and protecting French.  With the bridges and tunnels falling apart, these are the priorities of the new party?

But anti-immigration, even as softly phrased here, is an obvious strategy given how well it played out two elections ago in Quebec.  And protecting French?  Ooh la la.  Playing to divide the PQ.  Sure.  I get both tactics, but how about starting out by really changing Quebec politics by focusing on the, um, issues that are affecting people today.  Not immigration and not language, but the economy and the infrastructure?

No, I am not naive.  Anything but.  Still, I can be disappointed by the strategies folks deploy.  And I am.

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