Sunday, August 21, 2011

Why Not Blog?

Given past posts about blogging and reputation, why not blog?  This post addresses this question. The post does not address a few significant reasons. 

First, there is time.  It takes time--not tons of it necessarily.  It depends on how fast one thinks and types and what one wants to do with a blog.  Some of my entries take a few minutes (like this one) and some take more than thirty minutes as I look around for relevant links, pics, clips, etc, and some thinking.  But not all bloggers post daily or multiple times a day.  I fell into this routine more or less, although I average fewer posts a day than before.  Not sure why exactly.

Second, some folks are shy.  I tried to convince Mrs. Spew and Teen Spew that I am shy.  They laughed in my face.  Oh well.

Third, some folks like to be discreet, vet whatever they do pretty seriously, and worry about public perception.  This would slow down blogging. Just as perfection is the enemy of the good, filtering is probably adversarial to the blogging enterprise if the filter is set too tightly. 

Any other reasons not to blog?

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