Friday, October 14, 2011

17th Century Tourist Question

I am in Williamsburg for the next couple of days as the folks here are holding a semi-book workshop (the book is not complete) for David Auerswald and myself.  So, when I got in yesterday, I walked around Colonial Williamsburg.  It is very pretty, and William and Mary definitely competes quite well with last week's winner of beautiful campus-ness--U of Southern Cal.  I wonder how many campuses have their own cannons?  Probably more than we would expect.

But, walking among the historic buildings, I could only have one question: is the amount of horse poop on the streets historically accurate?  Or is it not enough?

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Anonymous said...

As a student at William & Mary, I can confirm that it is in fact historically accurate, just like the lack of slaves anywhere in Colonial Williamsburg. One distinction, however: the campus and CW are separate entities, neither of which bears much affection for the other (intense local politics, you see).