Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Too Little, Too Late?

The US just in the business of sending women out on patrol in Afghanistan, with special combat support teams of women trained to work with Special Operators.  Given how women cannot interact with the foreign male soldiers, this is a valuable addition to the effort.  But so very, very late.  When did we realize that the Afghan implementation of Islam meant that only female soldiers could really interact with 50% plus of the population?  Oy.

And yes, we need combat support teams since women are still technically prohibited from serving in infantry, armor and artillery units.  Evading Congressional limitations takes work and willingness by the overseers to look the other way.  Change is a-coming but it will be too late to help in this effort.  But perhaps the US will be ready for 21st century warfare by the end of the 2010's. 

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