Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Canadian Identity

I was talking about identity in my Intro to IR class yesterday, focusing on how identity is somewhat out of one's control.  This video about Canadians and their "national character" testifies to this since it is actually an American production.  AND I got the link from a Brit.

Nearly every Canadian documentary or movie about its military history usually starts with the view that the Canadians were being deployed and used quite badly by British commanders and success occurs only when the Canadians are allowed to command.  So, distinction from Britain is a key element of Canadian identity (going so far as to piss off a friend who obsesses about the Crown and its role in Canadian politics) even though anti-Americanism is really more central to Canadian identity these days.  To be clear, Canadian anti-Americanism is, well, like the Canadian stereotype, kind of cute, funny and mostly harmless.  Canadians do not throw rocks or eggs at American Presidents.

Anyhow, all this is an excuse to show the video clip.

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