Friday, October 28, 2011

Strike That

Given my announcement last night that I am essentially a lame duck, awaiting the transition to Carleton and Ottawa next July, you might think I would stop complaining or blogging about McGill and Quebec.  Well, then you do not know me.

So, while we have a strike of staffers, the Teaching Assistant union (yes, they are unionized) is starting  to make noises about labor actions.  They struck a few years ago during finals--thankfully when I was only teaching an 80 student class.  I am now teaching 600 students in one class and 80 in another.  But I am prepared.  Due to the flu a year or two ago, I now have standard language in my syllabi about reserving the right to change the grading/exams in case of an emergency.  Written for flu, may come into play for a strike. 

Yep, I would replace essay finals with multiple choice.  Because with 600 students, I would not have a choice.  I would have time to react as my final is on the second to last day so any strike would be announced before then.  So, there is a bright side to such a late final date. 

And, TA strikes will be irrelevant in my new position as I will be teaching only graduate classes (at least almost always).


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