Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Don't Know Much About History?

Ok, I have not really been paying attention to the "Anyone But Romney" Competition, but Herman Cain has gotten my attention.  Why? Because he is so wonderfully a-realistic.  That is, if one can be amoral, cannot one be a-realistic, as in just not bound by reality in any real kind of way?  So, he claims that he does not need to know much about foreign policy until he is president,  ....  And then his 9-9-9 program is really a 6-6-6 in this economy.  This table can only be shown online since newspapers cannot do it justice.  Shocking to see that a GOP candidate would offer up a new tax code that is even more regressive than the current one--nicely done. 

The thing is: while the Obama administration dithers, it still shows that being reality-based is kind of handy.  And the first six years of Bush showed that trying to deny reality and imposing one's views on the world kind of does not work.  Ok, seriously does not work. 

So, I am awaiting the next anointed Not Romney.  Are you?

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