Monday, October 3, 2011

Voting Rules Fraud

The fraud is not one of non-eligible voters voting.  No, the fraud are the claims by the Republicans that their efforts to put laws on the books to restrict access to voting are anything but attempts to prevent Democratic voters from casing their vote.

The damning bit of proof: "Under the Texas law, licenses to carry concealed handguns would be an acceptable form of identification to vote, but not student ID cards."  Hmmm.

The piece here does the usual "he said, she said," especially with the headline.  Too bad the GOP does not realize that disenfranchising voters leads to more conflict.  Or perhaps they do not care.  Let's bet on the latter, given their stands over the past couple of years, preferring to see Obama fail rather than help the country out.

What galls me most about this voter fraud crap is how obvious the tactic is yet how "fairly" it is covered.  The media is complicit.  Not a huge surprise but annoying nonetheless.

Just a short rant to start the week.

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