Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Short Rant On Boomers vs. Everyone Else

Everyone is aflutter because Time has a cover calling Millennials narcissists.  Well, as a self-admitted narcissist, I am just a wee bit skeptical.  How do I measure inter-generational comparisons and self-centeredness?  Well, I simply marvel at stances on where society is placing its priorities.  In the US and Canada (can't speak to the rest of the world), the older folks are most resistant to changing the current spending patterns, where most of the money in social security, health care and the like goes to ... the older folks.  We have seen heaps more cuts in education the past decade than in spending on senior citizens and those approaching senior-ness.

Now, I get the politics of it--older folks vote and they vote on such issues with great determination, so they get the politicians' attention.  But we tend to overlook that this political calculation of those seeking elections depends on the preferences of the older folks--that they care more about themselves than about their kids/grandkids.  I am tempted to insert some snark at the homophobic take on Keynes, but I will resist.  The key here is that today's spending patterns is not the fault of politicians--they are merely representing those who vote and are attentive to a few issues.  Nay, the fault lies with the older folks who are self-centered.

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