Friday, May 24, 2013

TRIP Workshop, Day 2: Electric Bugaloo

Second and final day of the TRIP workshop. I posted yesterday a series of live tweets, so I am doing that again for today's panels. Since I presented first, I didn't live tweet mine and my attention to my iPad and twitter was a bit sporadic. oops.

Overall, I learned a great deal not just about the profession but how people vary in what they see, what kinds of questions they ask when the look at the same data as myself, and about the next generation of scholars.  I was not the oldest person in the room but I was closer to that than to the youngest folks.  And the young ones are sharp, as sharp as kniiiiiiives.  Several were former William and Mary students that were turned onto IR by Mike Tierney, Sue Peterson and others at W&M.  This is the kind of place I wanted to teach when I got my PhD, and while I am quite happy with my career, I cannot help but be jealous of Mike and the W&M faculty.

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