Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Trek Omissions

Matt Yglesias has written a great piece on the Trek universe.  He went further and bolder than I ever did, as I have seen all of the movies but missed some episodes of Deep Space Nine, gave up after a while on Voyager, and only watched a few episodes of Enterprise.  His views are not terribly controversial (the holodeck was lazy writer crack), but he puts all of the shows into a good context and one that raises a big challenge for the new movies.  The first JJ Abrams ST movie was thrilling but tossed aside the entire universe that had been previously created with the time travel stuff.  This led to fun stuff, like Spock + Uhura, but it means that this timeline lacks the richness of created by the decades of previous stuff. 

Yglesias calls for a new TV show: "It’s a scandal that the golden age of niche television is passing us by without any representation from the franchise that practically invented niche television."  And I agree, but now JJ Abrams may have screwed that up--if there were to be a TV show, in which universe would it exist?  How would a TV series fit with this on-going movie series?  I don't know. 

All I do know is this: I hope the third movie in the new series is not "Into More Darkness" because, as I have said before, darkness for the sake of darkness is just darkness.  I am already not looking forward to the fact that the next set of Marvel movies are covered in dark sauce--Thor: the Dark World and Captain America: The Winter Soldier (it is darker in winter, right?). 

So, if a new Trek series were to be Star Trek: The Dark Days, count me out.

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