Thursday, May 2, 2013

Even More Unaccountable!

I can no longer sing the Assoc Professor blues.  Nope, I have finally learned the secret handshake and will be henceforth dropping all modifiers to the word Professor.  Students can add "bitchin" "gnarly" "damn" "swell" but not assistant or associate.  Those days are over!

What does this mean professionally?

Not that much really--no more money as this promotion comes with only a new title at my new school.  It surprised people that I had not yet been promoted, and that both pleased me (the folks who made the wrong decisions were in the distinct minority) and embarrassed me, like I had not done enough for some reason.  So, fewer conversations about my rank, and now less whining from me about such stuff.

The next step is Emeritus, which means retired.  That will not be for many years.  So, I plan to celebrate by getting back to work on an incredibly fun navel gazing exercise about the profession, to be presented in Williamsburg (near Jamestown, now site of some famous cannibalism) at the end of the month.

For this moment, I guess I should go with:

Although this feels right too:

But a twitter follower (thanks, Josh) suggested this

Um, ok.

In sum, Woot!

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