Monday, May 13, 2013

The Best Part of Publishing Is ....

The Best Part of Publishing is ... the Publication!  I just got six (!) copies of Nationalism and War, which is a volume edited by John Hall and Siniša Malešević.  I have a chapter: "When Nationalists Disagree: Who Should One Hate and Kill?"  It develops the xenophobia stuff that appeared in my 2008 book with Bill Ayres.  One of my regrets at McGill was that I didn't hang out enough with John Hall, an incredibly bright and erudite sociologist working on nationalism.  The nice thing about this project that produced this volume is that it gave me a chance to do hang out with him and his smart sociologist friends.

I often tell my students to avoid participating in edited volumes, as they are frequently a great deal of work that takes forever to get published (since they go at the speed of the slowest contributor) and rarely have any visibility.  I do tell them that if it gives you a chance to hang out with really interesting people, do it for that.   And voila!

Check it out--it is a very interesting read (and not as American-centric as the cover photo suggests).

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