Sunday, May 12, 2013

Proud to be a Canadian

I am proud to be a Canadian. Wait, I am not Canadian, despite many people thinking that I am (nope, those are not Canadians--they know better).  Why I am proud to live in Canada these days?

Because of this guy:

Chris Hadfield has had an amazing run, tweeting up a storm from the International Space Station.  He has had cool videos of what happens when you wring a wet towel in space, he has had heaps of great Q&As, and his twitter feed has engaged both legendary astronauts (Buzz Aldrin) and fake space travelers (William Shatner, etc.).  It has been incredibly entertaining and incredibly educational.  What a phenomenal ambassador for the space program (such as it is these days) and for Canada. 

Clear skies on your way back, Sir.  I am sure you will stick the landing, just like you have aced everything up to this point. 

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