Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Stunned into Silence?

I have not blogged about the various scandals/stories/whatevers plaguing the Obama administration.  I am more surprised by the IRS stuff than the Department of Justice stuff because I have long hated how DoJ has operated under Obama.  I had hoped/expected that Obama would reverse the trends under the various awful Attorney Generals that served Bush, but those hopes have been dashed. 

And, yes, I am using hope quite deliberately here.  I know that lots of stuff is constrained by a hostile Congress, but that is not an excuse for the misuse of prosecutorial discretion over the past four plus years.  Why not go after the bankers after they caused such economic harm?  Why the paranoia about leaks?  It is DC, shit happens, so just accept it and move on. 

This stuff is way outside of my expertise, so all I can do is gnash my teeth and look away.  I don't think most of this stuff is as bad as what the Bush folks did, but it is certainly not what I expect out of this or any President.  Count me among the severely disappointed.

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