Saturday, May 11, 2013

Every Professor's Frustration

PhD comics gets it right so often, but this one strikes to the core of nearly every professor:

Indeed.  Just last week, one of my FB friends was doing his ritual "hey, here are the end of term questions might students have that ignore my syllabus" post.  Always entertaining.  I forget who came up with a good remedy but I will share it here anyway:
In the first week or two, have a quiz dedicated to the syllabus.  Easy points so students can be reminded of it if they ask for extra credit at the end of the term (especially if the syllabus says no extra credit). 

I have never done it, but tempted.  Not so necessary in the grad classes I now exclusively teach.

Oh, and one bit of Canadian culture shock--they are called outlines up here.

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victor said...

totally totally agree. was just about to tweet this cartoon.