Monday, February 1, 2010

Better Skynet than Kim Jong-il

At least Skynet might provide sex-bots to lure us in, whereas Kim Jong-il provides nothing but hate and fear.  This piece illustrates and explains the North Korean situation, suggesting that the regime is not so much communist but a pathologically right-wing racist one a la Nazi Germany/1930's Japan.  Ug.  Which leaves the outside world with no leverage at all.  The only hope is that the folks inside can get a clue as to how bad their suffering is.  Given NK's defenses, the only way things will change will be via internal opposition--almost certainly in the form of a coup since the people have no capability to organize.

The article concludes with two facts: that North Koreans are six inches shorter than South Koreans, revealing the depth of abuse they have faced; and this picture which illustrates the lack of light emanating at night:

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