Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Oscars: Surprises?

Not too much, but a pleasant distraction from the budget.

My reactions:
  • Best Picture doubles its number of noms from 5 to 10 and still no comedy.  Not terribly surprising, but still disappointing.  I only saw Avatar, District 9, Hurt Locker, Basterds and Up, and cannot really say much about the others.  I guess, given what I have heard, would have preferred Hangover to An Education, not knowing that much about the latter.  I also think that Hangover was better than Up, given what I said before.  500 Days of Summer could have gone here as well.
  • Best Actor: Very pleased to see Jeremy Renner for Hurt Locker.  Perhaps Sharlto Copley of District 9. 
  • Best Actress:  No surprises here. Will need reminders from EW and elsewhere for the snubs here.
  • Best Supporting Actor: Tucci probably got it for the wrong role.
  • Best Supporting Actress: I liked Mélanie Laurent very much in Basterds.  Surprised to see Maggie G here, and surprised that anyone saw Nine to vote for Cruz.  Missing Zooey Deschanel for 500 Days of Summer, as she clearly demonstrated how/why someone could be so loveable yet frustrating/neurotic at the same time.
  • Best Director: No surprises, but again, D-9 is shortchanged here: Neill Blomkamp.
  • I don't know enough about screen-writing to comment (although that has never stopped me before).
Looking forward to the columns about snubs.

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