Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snarky Post of the Week

Slate had a contest--where to put the big terrorism trails now that NY is bailing.  No surprise that the readers of Slate are pretty snarky, indeed.

Detroit won (see the post for explanations, but think--minimal collateral damage).  But my favorite two are:
Wasilla, Alaska. Steve (he (?) didn't give a last name) suggests that if the KSM trial were to be held in Wasilla, "The national press can cover this trial and the Bristol Palin child custody hearings at the same time."

Niagara Falls, N.Y. Notes Lee Neville: "Escape by jumping over the falls and swimming to Canada is almost suicidal. Bonus: Even if KSM survived a jailbreak, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police would be waiting. Their unofficial motto: 'We always get our man.' " Neville also points out that "it would be counterproductive for terrorists to fly airplanes into the waterfalls because Osama bin Laden is an outspoken environmentalist" and that local "souvenir stands are not just shovel-ready but kitsch-ready. Sample: 'KSM got the death penalty but all I got was this mist-proof hoodie.'
To be clear, the Steve mentioned above is not me. I would like to take credit, but cannot.  And the Niagara Falls entry is just brilliant.

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