Friday, February 12, 2010

Olympian Statistics

Predicting the medal counts is now fair game for economists.  And the prediction is that Canada edges the US in total number of medals.  More likely with Lindsay Vonn injured, but I doubt it.  Lots of pressure on Canadian athletes since they did not win any gold in Calgary or Montreal.  But perhaps. 

I have a friend who is volunteering at the Olympics so I have been getting FB updates about the preparation and the abundance of snow for the big events and the rain and warmth downtown that challenge the newer, less traditional snowboarding/jumping events.  I might be into these games if I had not become so annoyed by the pre-games over-coverage/over-advertising.  So, instead, I am glad that the International Studies Association meeting overlaps and will distract me.  I can watch an event or two sans sound in the New Orleans Hilton bar.  Which is where I will be most of the time ;)

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