Monday, February 22, 2010

ISA Awards, 2010 Edition

A post at the poli sci rumor mill asked who won the big awards year, referring to book of the decade (I am on the committee to select the next book of the year), and such.  Actually, besides book of the year/decade, I am not sure what other awards are there, other than those awarded by individual sections for best paper of last year, distinguished scholar or the like.  But, it got me thinking--I could hand out some awards, which having blog entitles requires me to do.

So, with no drumrolls:
  1. Biggest Mistake: Perhaps leaving early since some of the most interesting panels were on the Saturday of the meeting.  But, I wanted to get back with my Aussie trip staring me in the face.
  2. Best Panel: The one honoring Pat James.  Just a love-fest.  The Anti-Cartman.
  3. Panel I Most Wish to Have Attended: Either the Battlestar Galatica one or the one with the bloggers.  Sure, I am not a serious IR blogger like Drezner or the others, but it would have been educational. 
  4. Most Persuasive Book Rep:  Norton, as they were trying to get me to adopt a new text for my intro class, and I am probably going to follow through, even though it will require some serious re-thinking of the course.
  5. Best Display at Mardi Gras:  Two guys with signs.  That is all I can say here.   My first thought when I saw the signs--it only has to work once.
  6. Person I Was Least Likely to Talk to despite Two Scheduled Meetings: You know who you are.
  7. Biggest Surprise: I did more grading/reading of grad student stuff/article reviewing on planes than I expected.  I always bring a bunch, but I actually did some this time.
  8. Best Airport: Houston.  More food choices than all the others combined.  But New Orleans had free wifi.
  9. Best Beignet: Cafe Du Monde, although the Hilton's were quite good as well.

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Steve Greene said...

1) Love a good beignet.
2) Who was the Norton rep?