Thursday, February 18, 2010

Perspective, Steve, Perspective

Not much blogging this week, since the ISA keeps me busy--meeting with friends, colleagues, co-authors past and present, etc.  And I am behind on my surfing, but I did catch this piece, that was tweeted via Rob Neyer (a baseball analyst).  This has nothing to do with baseball.  It is Roger Ebert's blog, providing his take on an Esquire piece entitled Roger Ebert's Last Words.  I will eventually read the Esquire piece, but perhaps it is unnecessary when I can get Ebert's take.  We live in interesting times when folks can comment quite widely on stuff written about them. 

Anyhow, like other news I have heard this week about stuff happening to people I know quite well, it puts into perspective the various bumps and bruises I have experienced.  And they are nothing in comparison.  I have a great job with great students, fun research that engages me and teaches me new things every day, great Associate Professors and Assistant Professors in my department, a relatively healthy family, a spunky and sharp child, a tolerant wife whose sense of humor is a match for my own, terrific friends, and heaps of ultimate.  I need to keep that in mind when I get some bad luck (like losing in a poker hand to an idiot who has only one or two outs and manages to win the hand), even if my spewing entertains myself and anyone else. 

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