Friday, February 26, 2010

Olympics Near the End

Last night was a big night for Canada and for my daughter's school.  Marie-Philip Poulin, the Canadian who scored both of the goals in the women's hockey final, graduated from my daughter's school!  So, we can claim partial credit for the victory since I never ran her over while dropping my daughter off.

While we root for the US in most cases, hockey is a bit different.  We rooted for Canada (I was less enthused than Jessica) because hockey is so very important here.  I am still remain smug that the most important Olympic hockey moment will always be 1980, which leaves the Canadians put out.  But given all of the pressure and hype, it would be ok if they won the men's gold medal as well. 

This whole thing has been quite entertaining and perhaps more than a bit revealing.  Canada never won gold on their home soil before, despite hosting two previous games.  Now they have at least eight and will get more than that with the curling finals ahead.  But they have not "owned the podium" which was their goal--to lead or be near the lead in the total medal count.  Indeed, it has been the women who have carried the day up here with 2/3s of the medals.  Perhaps the pressure has been too much for the male Canadian skiers and skaters.

Still, hockey is the great unifier (not curling, which many folks simply do not care for) up here besides the near religious belief that the Canadian health care system is superior to the American one.  Gold in the men's game is expected, and anything else would be a failure.  I expect them to win, and would feel sorry if they did not.  But, of course, I cannot help it if I want to see the US take down another favorite, if only so that I can relieve my youth.

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