Monday, February 8, 2010

Strategic Corporal? Forget that, how about the Strategic Colonel

This story is just breaking, but a Canadian Air Force colonel has just been arrested for murdering a couple of women!  Sadly enough, my first thought was--glad they were Canadian and not Afghan women, as that would have ended the mission right there and then.  Not a great thought or reaction, admittedly. 

I guess this can happen anywhere, but this is going to be a big hit on the Canadian Forces, something that they did not need after recovering from the years of darkness after Somalia, as Hillier put it in his book.

But, of course, the priority should be prosecuting this guy and taking care of the women's families.

And speaking of misplaced priorities--today's Montreal Gazette's front page is entirely focused on a change in the general manage of the Montreal Canadiens hockey team.  This story is buried several pages into the paper.

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