Thursday, February 25, 2010

How To Be a Military Dictatorship

I used to think there was only one good way to learn how to run one's own country via military regime: the game of Junta.  But now we have nifty powerpoint slides.

So, what do we know now?
  • Respect the law (and Cartman's authoritay)
  • Members of the military never harm civilians.  Um, sure.
  • Excessive force is bad.  Check.
  • Personal weapons: bad.  Poison and such are also bad.  Got it.
  • Respect medics (Red Cross and those wearing the symbol).
  • Treat everyone humanely, including prisoners.
  • Officers should follow only lawful orders.
Civil-military relations in a few easy slides, I guess.   Too bad this firm was unable to keep the job.  Assassinations ruin all of the fun.

Nothing here about turning over the regime to the civilians or how to corrupt an election.  Perhaps those are for the advanced class.

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