Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lost Giddiness [Spoilers]

If you did not see Locke-centered "The Substitute" then do not go below the fold:

Just a few thoughts as we get ready for tonight--a Hurley centered show.
  • No surprise that the Locke-focused episode played better than the Kate.  Most folks really like Locke and O'Quinn.  The Hurley episode should play well for similar reasons--we love Hurley.
  • I think folks did not play up the central irony of last week's episode--that Locke, who never wanted to leave the Island and loved it so dearly, would have been/is much better off in the reality where he never stepped foot upon it.  He found love and the right profession, finally.
  • Is this the answer of the numbers--that each survivor has a number?  Or are the Lost guys just messing with our heads?  Too soon to tell.  And no Kate on the wall?  Hmmm.
  • And is Sawyer pulling a long con on FLocke?  I believed so pretty quickly, but I am ashamed to admit I didn't see the obvious Harry Potter parallel--Sawyer is Snape!!!  Or not.  We shall know by the end of May. 
Back late tonight or tomorrow with some thoughts about Hurley, who could be, dare I say it, the winning candidate and the Jacob of the alternative reality?!

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