Thursday, February 25, 2010

Interesting Times

What is going on with Pakistan and the Taliban?  I have no idea, but this piece raises the right questions.  Much success in capturing the top guys suddenly and lately.  Why is Pakistan making strides now?  What impact will this have?   Check out the piece--it frames things quite well.  And the uncertainty one has at the end...., well that is quite appropriate. 

I don't think we are near the end of this, but we might be past the beginning.

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doug gibler said...

Steve... More analysis please! Do you think that US/NATO forces are pushing (or giving) enough to make the Taliban leadership consider talks? What kind of compromise would that look like? As for Pakistan, is it believable that a sweep is so easy and just a matter of willingness? What does this say about US leverage over Pakistan? Not enough compared to their worry about their border and possible insurgency from within?