Sunday, June 19, 2011

Best Part of Father's Day

What is the best part of Father's Day?  Breakfast in Bed?  Pretty cool.  Is it the tough decision to figure out which book to read first?  Yep, books tend to dominate the gift list.  Is it the token hug from my kid?  Nope, she gives better, more enthused hugs at other times.  Nope, it is when I get to see the card my daughter has made for me.  She combines her sharp computer skills with Microsoft's hegemony to produce a homemade card each year.  And each one demonstrates her wonderful sense of humor and keen smartass talents.  This year, I am "Better than Vader."  What more could I want?

Oh, and I get to choose the movie.  Hard choice between Super 8 and Green Lantern as both appeal to the geeks in my family (that would be all of us).  But Super 8 has some father-child stuff perfect for today, and no need to try to figure out how to avoid the 3D version. 

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