Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What Do You Think About While Time Traveling?

Nice to see the enduring relevance of Back to the Future:
From College Humor.

My version would be somewhat different, as I am not a birther nor a fan of Doctor Who (despite my daughter's new infatuation with the Doctor).  I might have some Biff in me (must remember who wins the big games and when to sell stocks).  What else would be on my mind as my Delorean reached 88 miles per hour?*  Hmm, mostly girls I should have and shouldn't have asked out long ago in high school and at camp, not falling for my daughter's ploy to get a cat (how about you guys get a divorce and we can have a cat in house and the dogs in another?), perhaps getting some stuff published in grad school, and worrying that any nose bleed might be a sign of forthcoming doom unless somebody spins the donkey wheel again.

 *  I love that these are the results you get from typing 88 miles per hour into google:

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You should update your firefox. Version 5 came out today.