Thursday, June 30, 2011

Where's Wallace? Rocking on FNL

While I am miffed at the bridge situation (see previous post), one of the advantages of living here is that I am getting the last few episodes of Friday Night Lights nine days before the Americans who rely on NBC (and about six months behind the folks who got it with DirectTV).  And it is ending so very well.

Spoilers lurk below, but consider this before you jump: is there any city or state/province in North America that sounds like an alien species better than when you refer to somebody from Calgary as a Calgarian?

Funny that Tyra (with her dark Wonder Woman hair) comes back to visit and is the voice of reason for Tim Riggins.  Given that she was the wild child that was out of control (Epyck before Epyck), now she is the one making Tim realize that he is blowing what he sacrificed to save--his family.

Nice that they are setting up such huge conflict between Mr and Mrs Coach, with Coach being the uber-dick.  I really don't know what will happen next week, but I can only guess that he will suck it up and go to her dream job.  It is her turn after all, and winning with the unified Dillon teams might be easy but not right.  Remember it is not just full heart but also clear eyes, Eric.  Then you cannot lose.

Michael B. Jordan, who was Wallace on The Wire, has been so very good this year.  Funny that The Wire got such mileage by killing off a wonderful character (not unlike a current HBO show) who could have been great for several more seasons.  Anyhow, he has carried heaps of plot this season and has been more than credible throughout.  The great thing about this show is that it earns every big chill moment and every change in their characters (except for season 2).  So, when the big moment happens, just like Tyra realizing that Tim did the time but not the crime, it is just incredibly moving.

I am confused about Julie--is she still lying about school?  She is mostly an afterthought here.

Of course, this season of FNL will be a complete failure if we do not see Skeeter again.  Talking about a crucial continuity error--Tim gets a dog (that looks much like our late and lamented Flynn) a little bit before he goes off to prison and the dog is not seen since.  The new cry is not where's wallace, but Where's Skeeter?  Stringer, where's Skeeter?

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