Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Funny-Looking or Funny Ha-Ha

Tim Goodman recently articulated something that I had been mildly displeased with for years--that the comedy category of the Emmys tends to focus on stuff that is not at all comedic.  That is, not funny. 

Other folks have taken Tim's challenge and ranked shows by how funny they are.  The list is not a bad effort, but I do have some suggested revisions, focusing solely on the shows that I have watched more than once recently.

This is their list, edited down.
43. "Mad Love"
42. "Episodes"
29. "Chuck"
12. "The Big Bang Theory"
10. "The Office"
6. "How I Met Your Mother"
3. "Community"
2. "Modern Family"
1. "Parks and Recreation"

My list would be from most funny to least:
  1. Community
  2. Parks and Rec
  3. South Park (where is it in the established list--is it not a sitcom?)
  4. Chuck (always some good laughs with some interesting drama and heaps of Yvonne S.)
  5. Modern Family (some of the humor is just too painful for me to watch--I hate embarrassment gags)
  6. Big Bang Theory
  7. How I Met Your Mother
  8. The Office
  9. Episodes
  10. Mad Love
I would also put Shameless in the middle of this list as it is often very, very funny.   And yes, my recommendations for Emmys for Best Comedy would be the top five here.  The Showtime "comedies, except for Shameless, don't amuse me, except the old years of Weeds.  And I do not get the TBS/TNT/FX comedies reliably thanks to the vagaries of Canadian programming.

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Steve Greene said...

I honestly just don't get all the love for Community from you and others. Sure, it's got its moments but both 30 Rock and especially Parks and Rec put it to shame.