Monday, June 27, 2011

By Jove, We Have a Crisis in Civ-Mil Relations, part two

What is the best way to deal with a crisis in civil-military relations?  How about accusing the less discreet generals and admirals of endangering the pilots, sailors and troops involved?
“We must be very careful, those of us who have authority in defence, in discussing the sustainability of our mission. People’s lives are at stake. There can be only one message that goes out to Libya that is we have the military capability, political resolve and legal authority to the through what we started.”
 Well, that will do the trick.  Problem solved, right?  Or perhaps the senior officers might just suggest that the civilians are the ones endangering lives by cutting back the military so deeply.  I am not saying that they would be right, but simply that trying to shut up the senior officers by telling them that they are betraying their troops may not be the way to go. 

Perhaps the officers would not be so uppity if they felt that they had some say in how the deep defence cuts would play out.  Perhaps not.

I do think all these British folks need to get behind some doors and have some frank discussions so that there is less of a need to air their dirty laundry to us all, even if random academics find it to be both entertaining and useful for their research.

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