Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Successful Junket

I am recovering from a day at an airshow.  It was a lot of fun and actually quite productive as I had conversations with two officers with interesting experiences--Afghanistan and Libya.  So, I think I blew Canadian tax dollars in a productive fashion.  And got a bag full of swag at the same time. 

So, what did I observe during the course of the airshow?
  • I think American planes are louder.  Or they are flown more loudly.  The F-16 flown by an American pilot (Canada only has F-18s) had a tendency to hit his afterburners while they were slightly pointed towards the audience.  Super-loud.  And, yes, super-cool.  there is something visceral about a plane blasting overhead.  I felt a huge urge to sing this South Park song (NSFW).  It may not make sense, but a loud fighter flying low overhead just is absolutely thrilling.
  • I loved the reactions of the Canadians when I told them that the sound of a fighter jet blasting by is the sound of freedom.  And boy did I feel freer after the show.
  • We were only able to breech the defenses of the VIP tent (even though we had VIP badges) when we went to meet the Commanding Officer (and ask him a bunch of Afghanistan questions).  But once there, we found free beer, and good free beer.  I don't know why they were selling Coors Light elsewhere since Canadians produce far better beer than that swill. 
  • Very interesting musical selection to accompany the various planes, including the theme from Band of Brothers for the Sabre, a Korean War era plane (the yellow/gold one in the pic above). 

I am beat but I learned a great deal and had a good time.  I do love my job.  

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Steve Greene said...

Ditto on the visceral thrill of a plane blasting overhead. One of the coolest things I have experienced.