Thursday, June 16, 2011

Escape from Montreal

My parents visited us this week, and now I am wondering if they can leave.  One of the major bridges is now closed for repairs in the direction of the south shore.  Another is at risk of being closed at a moment's notice.  Why?  Because these bridges are falling apart.  You would think that a city that happens to be on an island would have secure means to get to and from the island.  If there is anything here that testifies to mismanagement by the province and by the city better than the bridges falling apart, I do not want to hear it. 

So, I am imaging what a third "Escape from" movie would be like.  In the first one, Snake Pliskin (Kurt Russell) is dropped into Manhattan, which has been made into a prison, to rescue the President.  In the second, he has to escape LA (the plot was pretty forgettable).  In the third, he is simply visiting Montreal for a festival (jazz or comedy), and finds out that all of the bridges to get to the south shore are closed.  What will he do?  What will he do?  Kidnap all of the politicians to force them to spend more attention on the bridges than on a new hockey arena in Quebec?  Only if he wants to be driven mad by the infighting and nationalist posers. 

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Anonymous said...

Hi Steve,
Thank you for your blog. Even though I do not know a thing about IRs, I thoroughly enjoyed it.
It is really a treat to have a productive member of Academia reference dubious action movies (including superhero-based ones) and zombie flicks.
Keep on the good work!